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3D Toolbox Trade-In Opportunity for Newly Released 3DSL Rhino

For a limited time, Seikowave is offering a trade-in for your 3D Toolbox when you purchase the new 3DSL Rhino. The 3DSL Rhino, when used with the MT Eagle tracking module, enables automatic alignment and merging (stitching) of 3D images

Based on customer feedback, we have improved three issues that have been consistent critiques of the 3D Toolbox. The three areas are: (1) manual stitching, (2) resistance to ambient light, and (3) ergonomic design with a trigger button on the camera.

We have been aggressively working on improving the manual stitching process for over one year. This was considered the biggest opportunity for improvement by most of our 3D Toolbox customers. The 3DSL Rhino hardware and software upgrades along with the MT Eagle tracking module enables automatic alignment of 3D data over large areas. The auto-align & merge is accomplished by using an optical tracking system and a special target fastened on top of the 3DSL Rhino camera. The optical tracking system tracks the motion of the special target attached to the 3DSL Rhino and places all 3D images in a world coordinate system. This results in near perfect alignment of images. Further processing of the images is done using proprietary Seikowave software to create a perfect 3D model. This entire process occurs in a matter of seconds. This technological upgrade will greatly benefit customers imaging largecorrosion areas or large dents.

Resistance to high ambient light was the second most valuable area for improvement. Although it is still highly recommended to work under a tent blocking the direct sunlight, we have made significant advances to the 3DSL Rhino that increased the immunity to high ambient light. We have upgraded the camera sensor as well as engineered an active cooling system for the camera. The new camera sensor increases the dynamic range by twenty percent (20%). The patent-pending active cooling system increases the stability of the optical output over time and maintains high optical output over a wider temperature range.

Lastly, we have engineered an ergonomic design with an embedded trigger button. The trigger button allows an image to be taken while maintaining a grip using both hands on the camera without the need to be near the laptop.

Our current 3D Toolbox customers have provided a guideline for improving our 3D NDT technology. We truly believe our 3D Toolbox users will experience a tremendous upgrade in technology moving to 3DSL Rhino + MT Eagle. We are offering a significant trade-in value as a result that we want to take care of our customers and never have them feel as though they may be left behind as technology advances. To take advantage of this offer, contact Jeff Waldal at or by phone at (859) 523-2491.


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