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An Introduction to Painting: Large Area Scanning

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Building accurate 3D models of large structures is important for damage assessment, understanding the condition of an as-operated structure, and building digital twins. Typically, the 3DSL Rhino has been used for acquiring high-resolution data on relatively small areas of damage that were on the order of 5 sqft ( 0.46 sqm). The 3DSL Rhino acquires 3D data using structured light: a DLP projector, using technology similar to digital cinema, projects patterns onto the asset under inspection and a high-speed 2D camera captures the projected images on the asset. This approach eliminates the need for markers or other reference objects and produces metrology grade 3D data.

The introduction of the MT Eagle motion tracking system enabled creation of large 3D models covering areas on the order of 50 sqft (4.6 sqm). Using the MT Eagle required positioning an external camera array that tracked the location of the 3DSL Rhino and ensured that all 3D point clouds were registered in a common, world coordinate system. With the development of the “painting” mode for 3D point cloud acquisition, we are able to track the location of the 3DSL Rhino using the 2D camera and DLP projector that are built into every 3DSL Rhino. The result: a complete 3D model of a large area acquired in minutes with no application of markers.

To learn more about this capability, view the video on our web site or attend a live demonstration. Live demonstrations will be held in October at the PRCI Technology Development Center and the ASNT Conference in Las Vegas in November. Contact Us for more details.


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