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Drone and Robotic Delivery Systems for 3D Imaging

Cooling tower at a Nuclear facility.

As infrastructure and assets age, better data is needed to ensure safety and reliability. Often, data from hazardous locations and confined spaces is needed. Collecting data in these areas requires special measures to ensure the safety of the NDT Technician. Using robots and drones to collect data keeps technicians out of harm’s way and produces reliable, repeatable results. Seikowave is developing drone-based inspection solutions for inspection of cooling towers, flare stacks, bridges and other locations with difficult access. Today, inspection for many of these locations requires scaffolding or rope access. Often, because of safety concerns and access challenges, many of these assets are not inspected.

Flare stacks at a refinery.

In order to acquire accurate data from a drone, the drone needs to remain in position for a few hundred milliseconds. Because most drones do not have the inherent stability required for metrology grade 3D imaging, we are developing hardware and software to minimize motion artifacts and maintain the 3D accuracy and precision needed for accurate damage assessment. We will start testing these new solutions in Japan in Q4 this year.

Typical confined space entry.

We are currently delivering solutions for tanks, pressure vessels, and other steel structures. Seikowave collaborated with GE Inspection Robotics to integrate the 3DSL Rhino with both the GE BIKE and the GE FAST RVI platform. Extensive testing was done by our strategic investor and we are now deploying systems around the world that help keep technicians safe and out of confined spaces while still delivering best of class inspection data. For more information regarding our NDT solutions contact us here.


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