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MR Equus: Pipeline Inspection Robot

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Development of the MR Equus pipeline inspection robot is nearly complete. We will be testing the MR Equus in Q4 this year and deploying it for pipeline integrity inspections in 2020. MR Equus is designed to perform a complete 3D surface inspection of a 40 foot section of pipe with full circumferential mapping in under four hours (depending on pipe diameter). Operation is almost completely autonomous. The same 3D imaging capability that is in the 3DSL Rhino is deployed on a rotating arm that circumnavigates the pipeline. After making a complete revolution, the MR Equus continues axially down the pipeline during the inspection and measurement process. Up to three arms can be configured to increase throughput. The MR Equus is designed to support multiple NDT methods. Although the initial testing will focus on the 3D surface measurements, other NDT methods (e.g., AUT corrosion mapping, qualitative screening tools) will be added throughout 2020.

The MR Equus will be undergoing testing at the PRCI Technology Development Center. Please register to attend one of the test sessions. For more information visit our events page.


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