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New Automotive Tire Tread Measurement Tool

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

SAVTEQ has developed a new 3D imaging tool for automotive applications. We have developed a tool that passively acquires 3D data on vehicles using our patented 3D imaging technology. The 3D data is analyzed to determine if the vehicle under inspection meets tire tread safety requirements as defined by the Department of Transportation and other regulatory agencies. This new tool is aligned with our mission of using 3D data and analysis to improve safety.

Conventional laser scanning instruments require that the vehicle drive over the measurement system. These systems are typically not designed to sustain the traffic associated with thousands of vehicles without maintenance. Drive-over systems that are installed on the shop floor create trip hazards. Installing a system that is flush with the shop floor adds significant cost to the installation: this reduces the return on investment.

SAVTEQ has developed an advanced approach that does not require that the vehicle drive over the system. In addition, we do not use lasers and, consequently, are always eye safe. We measure the tire tread depth using proprietary, high-speed 3D imaging cameras. Unlike laser scanners, we collect thousands of data points to produce an accurate measurement of the tread depth.

Compared to conventional laser scanning systems, our approach is more economical: the cost to acquire, install, and maintain our tire tread depth measurement tools is significantly less than laser based instruments. Contact us for more information.


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