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New Technology Proven at PRCI, then Customers Preview

New Technology Proven at PRCI, then Customers Preview – MT Eagle Customer Preview

Developing NDT tools take time. Developing NDT tools for inspecting oil and gas infrastructure takes time and access to pipes, tanks, and other assets. Fortunately, the PRCI Technology Development Center houses a large number of pipes with just the kind of damage we need to evaluate: corrosion, dents, cracks.

The 3DSL Rhino from Seikowave, and the older 3D Toolbox system, can acquire a 3D image of an area that is approximately 8” by 12”. For larger areas, manually assisted alignment can be done in the software. For really large images, such as broad area corrosion that runs the length of a pipe, a better solution was needed. The MT Eagle, in combination with the 3DSL Rhino, enables acquisition of 3D data over large areas with automatic image alignment. Working at the TDC, we were able to perfect the technique.

Figure 1: 10 foot section of corrosion

The 3D data above covered a ten foot section of pipe that had numerous corrosion anomalies. Data acquisition took approximately fifteen minutes.

The MT Eagle system will be released in November. Customers with the 3DSL Rhino can add the MT Eagle system to enable automatic image alignment.


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