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Painting Plugin Release 11/25/2019

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The Painting Plugin is a software add-on to the 3DSL NDT Suite. It provides a streamlined workflow to create large area 3D models using auto-alignment without the need for external marker or tracking tools. 3D surface profile data is a key component in accurately assessing the impact of damage on assets. With 3D data, the impact of mechanical deformation, corrosion, and cracks can be determined. Fitness for service calculations can be performed based on various industry standards over multiple market sectors, including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Aerospace, and others. For example, the critical thickness profile can be calculated from accurate 3D data. Using API and ASME methods, the remaining strength of an asset can be determined from the critical thickness profile. 

Collecting 3D data has become easier with modern NDT tools. However, sometimes the damage on a critical asset is large…in some cases, extremely large. Laser line scanning and structured light are the two most common technologies used in NDT of assets.  Laser line scanning systems employ markers to enable acquisition of large data sets. Although structured light systems are generally more accurate, marker-based laser line scanning has previously been faster at acquiring data over large areas. With the new “painting” software module, Seikowave’s 3DSL Rhino (a structured light-based NDT tool) can now acquire data quickly and seamlessly over large areas, using a workflow similar to laser line scanners, but without the need for markers. Please contact us for more information on applications as well as for early adopter discounts. Visit our webinar page for a more in depth review of the painting module.


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