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Seikowave Custom PPE

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Custom PPE for Respiratory Protection
Custom PPE for Respiratory Protection

Seikowave develops and delivers customized PPE to meet demands for respiratory protection. Seikowave, in collaboration with the University of Kentucky, has developed a custom-fit face mask that meets the demanding requirements respiratory protection. Using our proprietary 3D imaging technology, the engineering team at Seikowave developed a process that produces respiratory protection that perfectly fits the contours of the face of the wearer. The process begins with a 3D image of the face. Once the data has been acquired, a standard model face mask, developed by Seikowave, is modified to meet the unique contours of the wearer. A low-profile is maintained to minimize the volume inside the mask: this limits the buildup of CO2. Air is filtered on inhalation and exhalation through pleated N95 media. This ensures that the wearer is breathing filter air and that exhaled air is also filter – both conditions are critical to ensuring not only the safety of the wearer but the safety of others.


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