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Seikowave Presenting and Exhibiting at IGEM 2016 in Malaysia October 5-8

Seikowave’s Minoru Niimura presented a paper entitled “3D Measurement and Evaluation of Corroded Pipes and Pressure Vessels” at the IGEM 2016 conference in Malaysia. The paper focused on using 3D imaging to enhance industry safety and reduce total maintenance costs. 3D imaging provides for more rigorous inspection and can be used to better analyze anomalies that fail Level 1 assessments. 3D imaging provides detailed information about the corrosion profiles, also referred to as either the critical or river bottom profile. This information can be used to perform a Level 2 assessment, using API 579, RSTRENG or similar methods, that provides the operator with a more complete assessment of the remaining strength. This often results in reduced repair and maintenance costs.

3D imaging enhances industry safety by providing a quick, efficient and accurate method to assess anomalies such as corrosion and dents. According to NACE, the annual global cost of damage from corrosion alone exceeds $500B. Failures are often caused by undetected or incorrectly assessed damage. Unnecessary repairs are often made because the exact remaining strength of the damaged infrastructure is not correctly assessed. It is critical that pipes and vessels are properly inspected and assessed in order to accurately determine the remaining material strength. Performing Level 2 assessments with 3D data improves trace-ability, repeat-ability, and the assessment of remaining strength.


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