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Like the 3DSL Rhino, the MT Eagle is ready for the field. The ruggedized quick connect ensures that you are up and running quickly and reliably.

position update every 8.33 ms

Field ruggedized quick connect

Sub-millimeter motion tracking

MT Eagle

Building Bigger and Better 3D Models

The MT Eagle tracking module enables automatic alignment of 3D data over large areas. No more placing markers or dots. With the MT Eagle, the alignment of multiple 3D images is automatic. Designed to work in conjunction with Seikowave 3DSL imaging systems, the MT Eagle ensues that all 3DSL 3D images are in a common, world coordinate system. With the MT Eagle, you can acquire data quickly and easily over a large area with confidence knowing that the system will produce a complete 3D model ready for analysis.  

Eagle Overview
MT Eagle | Lare Area Corrosson Assessment

3DSL Rhino

The auto-align & merge is accomplished by using an optical tracking system and a target fastened on top of the 3DSL Rhino camera. The optical tracking system tracks the motion of the 3DSL Rhino and places all 3D images in a world coordinate system. This results in near perfect alignment of images. Further processing of the images is done using proprietary Seikowave software to create a perfect 3D model. This entire process occurs in a matter of seconds.


Rhino:  the best source of 3D data no matter what software you use.

3DSL Rhino | Portable Scanner

Our open format solutions support easy integration with other hardware and software tools.

Eagle Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Establishing a common coordinate system for all work ensures that 3D models come together seamlessly.  With error on the order of one millimeter (40 mils), the MT Eagle keeps track of the location of each and every scan.  With an acquisition rate of 120 frames per second, the MT Eagle always tracks where you are.  Lightweight and portable, the MT Eagle is the perfect solution for enhancing the capability of the 3DSL Rhino.


MT Eagle: The Next Step in Field Investigation.

At 120 frames per second and 8.33ms latency, the MT Eagle is constantly tracking the motion of your work.  The typical error, less than 1/10th of an inch (about 2mm) results in well aligned 3D data.  Whether you are assessing damage over large areas or creating a Digital Twin, the MT Eagle pulls all of the data together.

Key Specifications
Frame Rate


MT Eagle | Lare Ara Corrossion Assessment
Think Eagle

Whether you are acquiring 3D data over large areas for damage assessment, comparing as-built structures to the original design, or building a Digital Twin, think Eagle. Each Eagle is tested to ensure that tracking performance is maintained even in harsh field conditions.  Leading industry consortiums have also rigorously tested our performance.  Contact us for details.

More Information
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Eagle Application


Some corrosion is large…really large. Acquiring and analyzing 3D data over large areas of corrosion or other damage is a critical part of understanding the integrity of pipelines, tanks, pressure vessels, and other assets.  The traditional method for aligning 3D data sets of large areas is marker placement.  Placing markers can be laborious and time-consuming.  Motion tracking with the MT Eagle provides a simple method for automatically aligning 3D data to create a complete 3D model of the asset under inspection.


Motion tracking with the MT Eagle

Our open format solutions support easy integration with other hardware and software tools.

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