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Getting an Answer Fast

3D data is great to look at.  But you really need an answer.  Determining remaining strength, strain values, burst pressures is what you really need to know.  Using proprietary algorithms and patented methods, we deliver answers fast.  Whether you need an ASME compliant dent report or an API compliant pressure vessel assessment, we have the tools to help you get the job done.  Our software is open format – even if your data doesn’t come from a 3DSL Rhino, we can help you get the results you need.

3DSL NDT Suite
3DSL NDT Suite | Analyzing 3D Data

The complete software solution for acquiring 3D data, analyzing the data per ASME and API recommendations, and performing the fitness-for-service calculations.  Fitness-for-service calculations are performed using either PipelineFFS or PlantFFS.

Pipeline FFS
Pipeline FFS | Calculate Remaining Strenghth

Calculate the remaining strength of pipelines using ASME B31G, RSTRENG-effective area, and 0.85dL methods.  Automatically integrates into the 3DSL NDT Suite for a complete end-to-end solution.  Can also be used standalone to assess data from other sources (for example, laser profile data, ultrasound data).

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